Friday, July 20, 2012

Stacy Julian offers a Free Class

At the CTMH Convention last week, we had the great privilege of having Stacy Julian as our guest speaker! She was fab-tab-ulous!! They could not have chosen a better person to come speak to us about placing value on what matters, finding our EQ, and just balancing our lives so we don't feel the 'guilt' of "oh I didn't scrapbook this yet!". it's Life. move on.

I just sat for almost 2 hours (breaks in between with babies running) and listened to her Finish Line Scrapbooking class. So informative and can't wait to spread the word! It has jumped started me into another project and I found 4 sets of photos from Years! ago that I can put in a scrap album because of THIS class.

Please check it out!! Click here  and register.  ITS FREE! 
After you register then you can sign in when you 'purchase' Finish Line Scrapbooking.
The promo code is CTMH.  You'll put this in after you click purchase. 

Have a great time doing this!  Have an open mind and go into thinking it will be a great way to learn something NEW about how you can scrapbook!

Let me know how your albums turn out.  I'll post photos of mine soon :)


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  2. The promo code did not work for me...did I miss the deadline? :(