Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Workshop November 22nd----Kids Welcome!

I have so many customers and friends with small children I knew it was time to create a workshop that kids could 'do' and where moms can chit-chat.  This workshop is only $5.00 and includes all materials except your families Christmas traditions. 

This December Event Calendar was inspired by my childhood around the holidays.  As a family, we would always try to do new things, get outdoors, and be active.  December this year, I wanted to put into action some of those old traditions and some new ideas from my family.  There are 24 tags, and each tag has a new activity that the kids can draw and we NEED to do them all by Jan. 1st.  (fingers crossed!) 

Workshop will be November 22nd at 5:30pm and the fee is $5 per Calendar box. 

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